Tartu Cup 2018

We are glad to announce the figure skating competition Tartu Cup 2018, which will be held on October 6-7, 2018 in Tartu, Estonia at Lõunakeskus Ice Rink.

Friendship Tournament will be held for B class, C class, Beginners and Adults during Tartu Cup 2018. Please use the same entry forms.

We are glad to announce that Tartu Cup 2018 is going to be the 1st event of BALTIC CUP ELITE SERIES. 
The Tartu Cup 2018 results for A-class categories from Chicks Axel to Junior will be counted for Baltic Cup Skaters' raiting.

We kindly ask all Clubs to let us know about taking part to our competition, also let us know if you are not going to take part.
We are accepting the late entries until 28.09.2018